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Are chelsea and austin dating

Who Is Chelsea From 'Southern Charm' Dating Now? She Enjoys Her Independence

He travels a lot for work, as he is a sailor, and Meissner told Bravo that she actually loves that. On his Instagram account, Dana describes himself as a, “Professional sailor with a nasty lobster boat addiction.” Meissner’s good friend and fellow Southern Charm star, Cameran. Move over, Austen Kroll, your ex-girlfriend Chelsea Meissner appears to have found her "stallion," and he's a cute new sailor.

Because after Southern Charm, Austen is seemingly dating someone new. So, while this Victoria and Chelsea love triangle plays out on screen is it still a triangle if Chelsea wants no part of it?

chelsea meissner dating new boyfriend nick dana & austin kroll’s girlfriend drama

After all, she'll probably show up on the show soon at the rate she and Austen are going. Going by when the couple started posting on Instagram, they've been dating since around February. But fans won't get to meet Madison this season.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Austen played coy about whether or not he was officially dating Madison, but he and Craig did confirm that this season of Southern Charm is going to be all about Victoria and Chelsea. Madison, be it in friend or girlfriend context, will not appear in these episodes.

Austen's refusal to answer questions about her aside, it's clear that he and Madison are close based on social media. The duo have posted photos going to brunch, bike riding, and even doing joint sponcon posts.

Southern Charm: What Kind of Guy Does Chelsea Want to Date? (S5, E11) - After Show - Bravo

That's a sign of true love in the digital age. According to the tags on Austen's posts, her full name is Madison Lecroy, and there's a Madison Lecroy in Charleston who's a makeup artist and hair stylist, according to her LinkedIn.

She owns her own salon called Blush and Brushes and may have met Austen through working on Southern Charm! Her LinkedIn states that her hair and makeup services have been used on four seasons of the show, so that would have been an easy way for her and Austen to have a meet cute.

According to an interview she did with Beckett Boutique, Madison has a son and loves fishing and being on the water with him.

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Austen's basically a big kid himself, so if they're at the stage of their relationship where introductions could be made, her son and Austen would probably get along swimmingly. Austen last posted a photo with Madison in early May, which could be cause for concern that they've since broken up.

‘southern charm’ star chelsea meissner has a new bf and here’s everything we know

But Madison's own Instagram has a photo from just a few days ago to toast Austen's birthday, so it appears these two are still together and going strong. Fans can probably count on learning more about her in Season 6 if she sticks around.

Are Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner Still Dating?: are chelsea and austin dating

Until then, there's so much drama left to explore with Victoria and Chelsea. When we last left click, Victoria was accusing Chelsea of kissing Austen's arm, and Chelsea was insisting that she was just huddling for warmth on a windy boat day.

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Victoria wasn't buying it, and Chelsea did admit that she and Austen are chelsea and austin dating probably too close for Victoria's comfort, but that they were just friendly. Here's hoping Madison is OK with that, because Austen is still posting pics of Chelsea on the reg, and they seem as close as ever. But if Https://mulibrok.icu/list5/brown-guy-dating-white-girl-4850.php has been around the cast for four years doing hair and makeup, she probably knows all of their dynamics really well and can see that Austen and Chelsea are just exes who stayed friends.

austen kroll calls chelsea meissner's claims that she paid for every date

Victoria seemingly couldn't handle that — but all's well that ends well, since Austen seems to have found a new partner and appears really smitten with her. Here's hoping the Bravo cameras are capturing their romance to feature in Season 6, because Austen needs a relationship win after all this love triangle drama.

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