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In online dating what does cd mean

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Broaden your portfolio with CDs & bonds

Collapse Expand It's a Certificate of Deposit that provides a fixed rate of return for the term of the product.

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With no monthly fees, you are guaranteed a specific amount at the maturity date provided no early withdrawals are made from the account. What is the maturity date of a CD?

To find your maturity date, refer to your Original Account Receipt. What is the grace period for a CD? During this period of time, you can renew your CD to another term, as well as perform a one-time deposit or withdrawal of funds without being assessed an early withdrawal penalty.

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The grace period will terminate on the day you provide an instruction to change the term or perform a transaction. When is interest paid on an Online CD?

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Interest compounding depends upon product options available at account opening. Depending on the term and other features of the account, interest may be credited and paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or, if the account term is one year or less, at maturity.

If periodic interest payments are available, you may choose to have the interest credited to another HSBC deposit account. Even if periodic interest payments are not available, you may withdraw any earned interest on or before the maturity date with no early withdrawal penalty.

planetromeo’s gay dating glossary

What are the penalties for early withdrawal of money from an Online CD? There is no penalty for a withdrawal made during the grace period. Are there monthly maintenance fees for CDs?

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