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The Baltimore area resident not named on the show told the story of her great-great uncle Preston King Jones who gave up his business and became one of the thousands of gold seekers during the Klondike Gold Rush in She displayed a handwritten diary he had kept for the duration of his two-year journey to Alaska. Reading one entry telling of the hardships of the adventure she also had a map of his route, photos and letters.

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The Joiner History Room in Sycamore has the obituary of Jones, plus a copy of a printed version of the diary and family genealogy, published privately by his great grandson, Peter Gabel, now living in Denver.

When contacted by phone Gabel explained he produced the book and genealogy in time for a family trip to Alaska around He didn't know which family member possessed the original documents as his copy had been transferred into a typewritten version by his father before he died in the early s. He also had a few photos of Jones as a woman seeking men dekalb man, then a family portrait after the Yukon trek and also a cabin photo.

Dorothy Myers of Hinckley had assisted Gabel in his research by providing photocopies of the Sycamore True Republican telling of the adventure.

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Jones, a Sycamore pharmacist and merchant, was married to Mary Harrington. He took her woman seeking men dekalb to Seattle to stay with a brother while he embarked on the sailing ship Northern Light, sailing out of San Francisco in May Other local men joining the party of fortune hunters included George Blanchard and M. Waltz of Sycamore, Dr.

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Robinson and Owen McCormick of Genoa. Details from the diary and letters sent home told of the arduous journey up the western coastline on a wooden whaling boat feet long and 25 feet wide, holding men, three women one a stowawayand thousands of pounds of provisions, tools and small boats, to be used by the prospectors once they reached the Yukon. The ocean voyage lasted many weeks longer than expected due to calm seas and sudden storms that slowed their progress.

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By October they had staked 10 claims and moved into a log cabin for the long winter. By May Jones wrote that "not one cent of gold has been found by some 1, men who landed last summer and 10 percent have died. While waiting out the woman seeking men dekalb cold, which reached lows of minus degrees, he injured his knee, had severe attacks of piles, scurvy, and once fell through the river ice in sub-zero cold that would have killed him had friends not rescued him, stripped off his icy-wet boots and clothes and gotten him dry clothing.

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In December he wrote home saying: "Christmas day in the Arctic but not a merry one for any of us, for we are all feeling blue and homesick for the loved women seeking men dekalb at home.

I have had a terrible cold the past week caught while I was pulling a sledload of stuff from the Riley camp. I was on the trail when it was close to 50 degrees below zero One freezes very quickly, especially hands and feet We had ptarmigan for Christmas dinner.

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We have not even seen the track of a deer since cold weather has set in There are men scattered along this river in about 15 miles and we have visited them all. Being a pharmacist he was able to assist the ship's crew in mixing prescriptions and dispensing drugs which helped make the trip back to Seattle more tolerable.

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At one man dekalb he wrote that he and another passenger "paid the cook 50 cents for a pail of warm water, taking my first bath in 40 days, changing my flannels and also washing my undershirt and drawers. After getting back home he found work at another pharmacy in Belvidere, since he had exhausted all his savings and sold his business before heading to the Yukon. His health had been permanently affected by the ill-conceived expedition and he died in at age He was survived by his wife and two daughters, Mrs.

Helen James of Sycamore and Mrs.

Lulu Gabel of Belvidere, plus a sister Mrs. Stella Byers of Sycamore.

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If anyone knows about later descendants in the local area they can contact the Joiner History Room or this columnist.

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