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Meet a girl online without dating site

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With so many people online dating today, the possibilities are seemingly endless. But if online dating isn't your thing, you're not alone, because singles are meeting dates in plenty of other ways today.

So although online dating can offer you a larger dating pool to choose from, if it's not working for you, don't think it's the only option out there. To get insight on how people are meeting today, ReportLinker conducted a survey of over singles and over people who are married or in relationships.

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According to the survey, less than 20 percent of singles say they were registered on dating apps and sites, which is surprisingly low considering that studies have found a third of new marriages in the U. Even though online dating may feel like a popular way to meet people, it's certainly not the only way.

Here's how singles are meeting people today if they're not online dating, according to the ReportLinker survey. If your friend has a cute sibling or coworker, ask them to set you up.

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Meeting through friends was here number one way singles meet people. According to Assimos, the bar is the one place where most of the people there are guaranteed to be looking to socialize, even if their first intention is not to meet someone.

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Meeting someone at work can be a little tricky. They key here is to building a friendship first and then see how things progress from there.

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If you and your coworkers like going to happy hours after work, it's a great opportunity to socialize and make more personal connections. Men were more likely to say this than women. For instance, if you want someone who's a fan of a particular sports team, go to a game.

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Ask yourself, where does your ideal person hang out on weeknights and weekends? What are their hobbies?

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If so, what do they like to do? Once you have an idea of what your ideal partner is like, find places and events where they're likely to be.

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According to Lipman, turning to people closest to you is a great idea. So don't be afraid to ask. They may know someone who would make a great match for you. The reality is, single people are everywhere. They're at the grocery store, the coffee shop, the gym, or walking their dog down the street.

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She suggests leaving your house with the mindset of being open, approachable and ready to connect. That means, keeping your face up and intentionally making eye contact with those around you.

Not many people go these routes, but Karenna Alexandermatchmaker and dating coach, tells Bustle, they should. If events aren't your style, you can try contacting matchmakers in your area and ask to be put in their free database. Meeting through friends wasn't just the most common among singles, it was the most common way people already married or in relationships met their partners too, followed by work, bars, events, and dating apps.

While there are so many great ways to meet people today, dating apps and sites included, meeting through friends seems like it's still probably one of the best options. This post was originally published on January 31, It was updated on June 5, This article was originally published on Jan 31,

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