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Stations in Oklahoma work anyone.

Entries with incomplete or improperly logged QSOs will be subject to penalties or disqualification. Each complete non-duplicate Digital mode or CW contact is worth 3 points. No partial contact credit.

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Oklahoma stations count U. All others use Oklahoma counties for a maximum of Number each multiplier as worked.

WARC band contacts do not count. Do not use repeater frequencies on any band as repeater contacts do not count.

Do not use any call or guard frequencies. Single-Operator and Multi-Single entries are allowed only one transmitting signal. All contacts must be simplex.

Oklahoma rovers that change counties are considered to be a new station and may be contacted again for point and multiplier credit. A rover operates from any temporary location using temporary antennas. AWARDS: A plaque will be issued to the highest scoring station, with a minimum of contacts, in the log from each of the 13 class entries.

Certificates will be issued to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest scoring entry from each of the 13 class entries. Certificates will be issued to the top three 3 DX Non-U.

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Certificates of participation are available. ASCII text format files are preferred. A proper summary sheet will show the number of valid contacts and multipliers by band, total contacts and multipliers, total score, power output, name, call sign and address of the operator, station call sign and exchange name and location sent during the contest.

Paper logs of QSO's or less may be submitted via postal mail to: Send the logs to:.

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