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What dating sites can sex offenders use

New Jersey Sex Offender Internet Registry

A new website called CreepShield tells you if your date is a sex offender in five seconds flat. CreepShield uses powerful facial recognition software to identify offenders. All you have to do is copy the URL of any headshot, paste it into the CreepShield search engine, and hit the big red button.

The site then scans the photo against a database full of images of convicted sex offenders.

CreepShield might be a way to cut down on these sorts of crimes. Let's take this conversation to the next level, though.

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If we believe in rehabilitation, should sex offenders who have served their time be forever considered the pariahs of the dating world? Let's look at the figures for recidivism : Consider that insex crime researcher Jill Levenson discovered that the average member of the general population believes that 75 percent of sex offenders will reoffend.

How to Find Registered Sex Offender's Location in Any State

Karl Hanson and Kelly E. Morton-Bourgon found that, in truth, 14 percent of adult sex offenders reoffend over a period of five to six years. Recidivism rates do increase over time though, reaching about 24 percent over 15 years.

Important to Know

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I'd rather not take the one-in-four chance that I am dating one of those people who has or will reoffend. Of course we should all exercise common sense and safety, both IRL and online; CreepShield will hopefully make a positive impact and make online dating at least a little bit safer.

treatment of sex offenders depends on whether they've challenged rules

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